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Satellite Dish TV

Satellite TV JD Powers Ratings

Satellite Dish TV
Dish Network vs. Directv
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J.D. Powers Award

J.D. Power consumer rating for satellite dish tv and digital cable
J.D. Powers provide consumer reviews on top satellite dish tv providers and digital cable companies.  J.D. Powers ranks which companies are the top providers of satellite dish television and digital cable for customer satisfaction.  J.D. Power and Associates has been researching the quality and customer satisfaction of consumers worldwide for products and services since 1968.  They have developed one of the most comprehensive database of consumer feedback of many products and services.  Their research is based on surveys of million of consumers worldwide. 
Product and Service ranking does not rely on expert opinions or preferences, reviews, or test products and services themselves.  Rankings is based upon the voice of consumer's response to quality of product and service satisfaction.  The information can then be used to help companies improve customer satisfaction as well to help consumer choices.
Directv and Dish Network achieved the highest ranking for overall customer satisfaction and service cost.  Directv also ranked the highest ratings for performance and reliablility with Dish Network close behind.  Both Directv and Dish Network ranked among the best for customer service satisfaction.     
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