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Satellite Dish TV

Dish Network vs. Directv

Satellite Dish TV
Dish Network vs. Directv
Satellite TV Deals
Dish Network & Direct TV comparison
This satellite tv comparison guide is provided to help you decide which satellite tv service provider is right for you.  Both Directv and Dish Network have similar packages, but there are some differences in channel selections, equipment, prices, promotions, and services.
  • Dish Network offers more channel selection than Directv.  Dish Network has up to 500 channels while Directv has up to 250 channels.
  • Directv offers slightly more channels for your money with Total Choice which offers over 155 channels for $41.99 and Total Choice Plus with over 185 channels for $46.99 comparable to Dish Network's America's Top 120 with 120 channels for $39.99 and America's Top 180 with 180 channels for  $49.99.   
  • For sports fans Directv has more exclusive sports packages such as NFL Sunday Ticket and NCAA March Madness for a subscription fee.  If you are a soccer fan, exclusive to Dish Network is MLS Direct Kick, FA Cup UEFA Euro
  • Dish Network has the advantage with more international foreign programs and channels.  Although Directv does have the most comprehensive spanish programs ("Para Todos") and also their chineses (Mandarin Cantonese) Jade World exclively from Directv.
  • Dish Network and Directv both offer DVR features, but Directv offers free Tivo upgrade.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can use this satellite dish tv comparison guide to compare which satellite service is best for you.







Satellite Programming Channels



Satellite TV Deals












Satellite TV Sports Package

Both contain a variety of sports subscriptions available such as MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice, ESPN Game Plan College Football, ESPN Full Court College Basketball, and many more.




International Foreign Programming

Dish Network has the advantage offering much more selections of international programming.  Directv offers the most comprehensive Spanish package.   





Price Package
























Movie Channels










DVR Features

Directv Tivo has some advantage in its technology features which records two shows while you watch a third recorded program and its "Seasonal Pass" feature which allows you to record every episode of your favorite shows, even if the time slot or channels have changed.  Dish DVR has more hours of recording time up to 100 hours while Tivo has up to 35 hours of recording time unless you upgrade.  Directv Tivo Charges $4.99 per month and Dish DVR charges $4.98 per month. 


Warranty & Commitment

Dish Network has the advantage of having a lifetime warranty that covers all equipment as long as you are a subscriber.  You never have to worry about buying new equipment. 


Internet Services

Only offered by Directv at this time with Direcway internet.




Parental Control

Both offer parental control that cable does not.


Satellite Dish TV Special Promotion

Get a free satellite tv sytem free.  Both have great deals with free equipment and free professional installation.





Customer Service

Both Directv and Dish Network are known for their reliability and quality service.  Deciding factor in choosing a reptuable company is choosing an authorized dealer from Directv or Dish Network that is known for its high quality products and customer service satisfaction.  


Satellite Dish Authorized Dealers  



Telephone Number

Available channels up to 250 channels. 
Get 3 FREE months of HBO, Starz Super Pack, Cinemax, and Showtime Unlimited plus over 155 (with local channels) all digital channels for only $29.99/mo for the 1st 3 months.  Bonus:  Get 3 months of FREE HD programming when you activate HD Programming!
NFL Sunday Ticket

NCAA March Madness

Sports Pack - Over 20 specialty and regional sports networks from Fox Sports Net with college sporting channels plus TV, Fox Sports World and The Golf Channel. - $12.00          



Chinese (Mandarin Cantonese)

(Phoenix TV) Jade World exclusively from Directv.

Spanish (Directv Para Todos Programming) comprehensive service of 45 spanish language channels with more than 210 English language channels.




Total Choice - Over 155 channels - $41.99

Total Choice Plus - for 30 more channels than TOTAL CHOICE! It's just $46.99. Get additional channels like the Biography channel, 4 additional Discovery channels, VH1 Classic, and 5 more commercial-free channels.  185 channels including great family and children's networks, the best sports networks, a variety of news and entertainment channels, commercial-free music channels, and whole lot more.          

Total Choice Premier - Over 250 quality channels including 7 HBO, 9 Showtime unlimited, 3 Cinemax, the STARZ Super Pak, and over 20 specialty, and regional sports networks - $96.99  Additional $4.99 monthly fee with local channels. 


Showtime - 9 channels $12.00

Starz Super Pak - 12 channels $12.00

Cinemax Multimax - 3 channels $12.00

HBO - 7 channels $12.00

Sports Pack -   25 specialty and regional sports networks in all $12.00    


Pause live TV, watch in slow motion, create instant replays on any channel at anytime, and record all of your favorite shows.  With Tivo you can record two shows at the same time while you watch a third, previously recorded show.  Directv Tivo also features "Seasonal Pass" which allows you to automatically record your favorite shows even if the time slots changed or even changed channels.






1 year warranty and 3-5 years for extended warranty.  One year commitment plan with a 30 day money back guarantee.




Directv direcWAYoffers broadband satellite internet access.  There is no phones lines and connects through two way satellite system.  It is fast and includes 5 free email addresses.






Get up to 4 rooms of directv installed with your choice of RCA, Phillips, Hughs, or with Tivo DVR receivers free with subscription.  Bonus free gift with your choice of a DVD player, digital camera, luggage, or backpack.  Over 125 channels for $41.99 limited time offer. 


Recommended authorized dealer for Directv is Rappid Satellite.  They offer 24 hour a day customer service with a commitment to provide quality products and service satisfation.  Chosen by JD Powers for #1 customer satisfaction.




Recommended for Directv Rapid Satellite Click Here        

1-800-315-1722  Use Promo Code: 12264

Available channels up to 500 channels.
Get paid $100 to try DISH Network. You will get a $10 credit on your bill for ten months until you have received $100 in credits from DISH Network when you try America's Top 120 package or Higher!  BONUS:  Get 8 channels of STARZ movie channels FREE for three months when you subscribe!   Get DishFAMILY newest programming package with 40 channels for only $19.99.
Soccer - MLS Direct Kick, FA Cup UEFA Euro 2004
ESPN College Baseball - Grand Slam
Multi Sports Package- Regional sports channels, Fox Sports, and NBA TV. - $5.99
Arabic, Polish, Chineses (Mandarin), Russian, (Phoenix TV) South Asian, Greek, Korean, and Spanish (Dish Latino). A LA Carte includes languages from packages above PLUS: Belgium, Brazil, Canada (Quebec), France, Holland, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Pakistan, Portugal, Switzerland, and Vatican (Italian, Polish, or Spanish.
Americas Top 60 - Over 60 channels - $29.99
Americas Top 120 - Over 120 channels including 65 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio. - $39.99 plus HBO Cinemax Bonus $59.99
Americas Top 180 - includes over 180 channels including 65 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio. - $49.99 plus HBO Cinemax Bonus $69.99
Americas Everthing Package - Includes Americas Top 180 plus all 4 movie packages:  10 Showtime unlimited, 8 Starz Super, 8 HBO, and 5 Cinemax.  Also includes 65 channels of Sirius Satellite Radio. - $84.99
Local channels included FREE.
Showtime - 10 channels $11.99
Starz Super Pak - 8 channels $11.99
Cinemax Multimax - 5 channels $11.99
HBO - 8 channels $13.99
HBO Cinemax Bonus - includes all 13 HBO & Cinemax channels.  Available for Americas Top 120 & Americas Top 180
Zap commercials.  Now all your recorded television can be commercial-free.  Record up to 100 hours of programming without any video tapes and complicated timers.  Pauses, rewind, and replay live TV.  Watch the play again and resume where you left off.  When your caught up, it instantly returns to live programming.
Lifetime warranty on all equipment.  One year commitment plan.
Dish Network will soon have this technology.
Get up to 4 rooms satellite tv systems installed free with free DVR equipment.  No need to ever buy equipment with lifetime warrantee on all equipment.  Price as low as $31.99 per month limited time offer.  
Recommened authorized dealer for Dish network is VMC Satellite.  They offer 24 hour a day customer service with commitment to quality products and services.  Selected and trusted by the Federal Government to install satellite tv in the United State Capitol Complex.

Recommended for Dish Network VMC Satellite Click Here

extension: 82603 Use Promotion Code: A22